Learn how you can be set free from ever Buying Laundry Detergent again!  Important Health facts about detergent residues in your clothes.   A Home Investment that will pay you back 100% and more in the coming years.   Get rid of the Oldest Pollution known to mankind!  Brighter Colors....  Fluffier Towels....   No more Detergent, Bleach or Fabric Softeners Necessary for Clean Fluffy  Clothes!!

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 Save Money!

Pays for Itself 

Most families spend between $175 to $600 per year on Laundry Detergent, Fabric Softener, Bleach.  Add another $50-$200 for Heating Bills for Hot and Warm water for washing.  LaundryPure pays for itself by eliminating the need for these items forever!




No More Allergic Rashes, Itchiness and Redness from Detergent Residues in Clothes, Towels and Bedding.

Save Your Time:  No More Pre-Sorting!
You can wash your color's and your white's together, because color's generally don't bleed with LaundryPure
! Just wash that whole pile of Laundry together in one load!

These Benefits Brought to you by Space Age Technology from NASA applied in Your Home!


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Laundry Detergent really may become a thing of the past.  The benefits of our technology are too good to ignore.  Space Age technology is the answer to stopping the pollution coming from washing machines.

NoSuds Revolution


Users Save So Much Money in the long run, it's like getting the appliance for free, then continuing to have a money machine paying you in savings for years to come.  Save Money 

The Sanitizing Effect on the laundry leaves your clothes, bedding and towels 99.999% bacteria free.  Sanitize Laundry

Towels get Fluffier, and softer. Colors stay brighter. Fluffier Towels

How About the Bottom Line Cleaning Performance?          See Test Results of a Laundry Pure equipped washing machine compared to a regular washing machine using Laundry Detergent.  LaundryPure stays head to head with a leading brand name Detergent in cleaning power.  But that's where the similarity stops..... Cleaning Power


Time Savings: Learn how you can save hundreds of hours when you start using Laundry Pure in Your home, compared to doing wash with Detergent!           Time Savings


One Simple Choice. 

Use LaundryPure and be environmentally responsible





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Welcome to NoSuds.com  

In the next few minutes, you are going to learn about a break-through appliance incorporating hi-tech NASA Space Certified Technology that totally Eliminates the Need for Laundry Detergent, Bleach, Fabric Softeners, and Hot Water for Washing!  The financial benefit to the consumer is amazing.  The positive environmental benefit is staggering.  

Introducing LaundryPure

At the heart of the NoSuds Revolution is an appliance called the LaundryPure .   

It hangs on the wall, and hooks up to your standard washing machine via the water hose.  You DON'T need a new washer.

Incoming Water flows through the LaundryPure  and is treated by NASA Space Certified Technology.

The cleaning power of oxygen and bubbling peroxides to break down and lift away grime, and Silver ions for killing odor-causing bacteria are added into the water stream, resulting in fresh clean and sanitized laundry,  without the need for detergent or hot water.

RCI gasses streaming through the Photo-catalytic Reactor (above)

Independent Laboratory tests by NSF have shown Sanitize Rates of 99.9999%  without the use of Hot Water, and… totally without Laundry Detergent or Fabric Softeners!  Furthermore,  Silver Ions evenly distributed throughout the clothing  give ongoing protection against bacteria and odor!!!

* Note: Extensive field studies have shown that under normal conditions laundry detergent is not necessary. However, stubborn stains or heavily soiled items may still need to be pre-treated with spot removers or bleach. As a rule, if pre-treating of stubborn stains or heavily soiled items was needed in the past when using laundry detergent, there is a chance that pre-treatment may still be needed when washing with LaundryPure™. Our private testing has shown that the ecoH Cleaner by EcoQuest outperformed leading spot removers. See your EcoQuest dealer for more information on ecoH.

How Well Does it Perform? LaundryPure   was tested against a name brand detergent and an economy detergent for an array of cleaning challenges.  Laundry Pure's performance was equivalent, or better  in cleansing power.  But that's where the similarity stopped.  When it came to Sanitizing, Anti-bacterial characteristics, Fluffing, and Softening effect on articles washed, LaundryPure clearly shone ahead by a significant margin!     See The Results          


The Biggest Positive Environmental Impact

of the 21st Century!  

Find Out How with LaundryPure  , We are Going to Make the Biggest Environmental Impact of the 21st Century, by fixing the World's Oldest Environmental Pollution Problem! 

It's called The NoSuds Revolution

Come Listen to a Speech By Lester Lin Outlining the Benefits to the Customer, and the Environmental Impact of the NoSuds Revolution made possible by the leading technology of the LaundryPureClick to Listen

Customer Benefits: 

Saves Money! 

Appliance Pays for itself from the Savings

Never, Ever buy Laundry Detergent Again!

Never Pay Energy or Power costs for Heating Water for Laundry.

Clothes, Sheets, and Towels last longer.

Saves time!  No more pre-sorting of laundry!

Colors are Brighter!

Softer, Fluffier Towels, Bedding and Clothing

Sanitize Clothes.  99.9999% bacteria free

Laundry Smells Sunshine Fresh every time.

Good News for People with sensitive skin:  No Detergent residues at all!    

NASA Space Certified Technology!

Huge positive environmental impact

The NoSuds Revolution:   It's a big Win for the Environment.  and 10 big Win's for the Customer.

Learn about the biggest Positive Environmental Impact of the 21st Century!

Come Listen to a Speech By Lester Lin Outlining the Benefits to the Customer, and the Environmental Impact of the NoSuds Revolution made possible by the leading technology of the LaundryPureClick to Listen

The NoSuds Revolution

Customer Benefits


 Space Certified



We aim to clean up the world's oldest Pollution: Laundry Detergent Waste Water. We have the potential to make the world's biggest impact on reducing Detergent Waste Water Pollution as more people start to use this technology!


 Stop Chemical Pollution from Laundry Detergent.  We have the solution to the World's Oldest Pollution!

The NoSuds Revolution!


NO More Wasted Time Pre-Sorting

No More Laundry Detergent Bills!

No More Hot Water Washing

No More Fabric Softeners!

No Chemical Residues in your Clothes, Bedding and Towels

No More Pollution from Detergent

No More Sour Laundry Smell

No More Bacteria: Sanitized Laundry by LaundryPure!

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Economic BenefitsLearn how the appliance pays for itself in 2-5 years through savings when you quit buying laundry detergent, fabric softeners, and paying for Hot Water Energy Bills to wash your laundry. After that, it keeps on paying you in savings and benefits each time you use it!      $ Benefits $


Read Testimonies  What Users are Saying about this great technology:  Testimonies


Environmental Issues: Learn about the staggering amount of pollution coming from our washing machines, and how you can help do your part to totally eliminate the waste chemicals coming from your home!  Join the NoSuds Revolution!         Click Here

NASA Space Certified Technology  Using technology that has it's roots from the NASA Space Program, we apply the RCI technology to treating the water before going into your washing machine.  The results have surpassed our initial expectations, as users continue to give glowing reports on how this is changing the way people have been doing their laundry for decades.  Testimonies

Health Benefits:  Find out why people with chemically sensitive skin to detergent residue will love this NoSuds Technology!         No Chemicals


It's a New Age for Laundry. 

And the heart, soul, and pulse of it is Right Here.

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